Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Osteoarthritis and Diet Work Together

People who get older and find that their bodies hurt when they first get up in the morning and find that they can’t climb stairs like they used to without pain in the knees, sometimes find that they have osteoarthritis. These are symptoms of it, and when you have pain the first thing that is on your mind is, “Make the pain go away.” So you go to your doctor, tell him your symptoms, and he tells you that you need to take some pain relievers. But the pain relievers only do so much good, and it’s up to you to keep the pain from getting worse. How do you do this?

First of all you must go on an osteoarthritis diet. Now don’t groan; it doesn’t mean you have to count every calorie you put into your mouth, and it doesn’t mean you have to go on a low-calorie diet. It just means you need to be mindful of putting the right kinds of nutrients into your body. Eat healthy, high fiber foods, such as whole grain breads, vegetables and fruits. Eat foods that have antioxidants in them, such as colorful fruits and vegetables. It means you need to eat fish oil, or foods that have a high fatty acid in them, such as sardines, salmon and mackerel. It also means you need to drink lots of water so that your body can get rid of toxins that try to build up inside you. Give your body the right kind of nutrients and your body will be able to function with less pain.

Also, when you are on the osteoarthritis diet, you need to exercise. If you don’t make your body move once in awhile, your body will forget how. You need to walk around, ride a bicycle, lift weights, swim if you have the chance to. If your joints and muscles don’t get the proper amount of exercise, you’ll end up with more inflammation and therefore more pain. Don’t let this disease take over your body and ruin your golden years by giving you nothing but pain. Fight back by eating right and exercising on a regular basis. This way you will enjoy the years that you have worked hard to get to.

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