Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Osteoarthritis Exercises for Those Suffering from Arthritis

People who suffer from osteoarthritis and go on an osteoarthritis diet need to do more than just eat right. In order to calm down the pain and stiffness that comes with the disease, you need to go on an osteoarthritis exercise routine. By doing so, your body feels less pain and has less inflammation. You need to exercise to get the joints moving, so they are lubricated and can keep from stiffening up.
Osteoarthritis makes the cartilage in the joints become destroyed and therefore start hurting every time you try to climb up or come down a stairs. You’ll notice it right away when you take the stairs. You feel like you won’t be able to take the stairs without slowing down and holding onto the banister. But there is a way to strengthen the joints of your knees, and that is to do exercise. Walking is an easy way of exercising and it actually does help the joints. Swimming is of course a good way to exercise without hurting anything in the process.

When you exercise, you also help the muscles get stronger. You have muscles around your joints and these muscles actually protect your joints. As you exercise, your muscles get stronger and then they protect your body better. This is a good way to combine your osteoarthritis diet with exercise to make a big difference in your pain relief.

Getting involved in strength training is a good way of not only strengthening your muscles, but also it helps the tendons that support your joints. Just lifting 10 pounds with each muscle exercise can help. Lift it for a total of 8 times for the first round. Then lift it 10 times for the second round. Then lift it 15 times for the last round. This is a good start to getting your strength training started. After you’ve done the 10 pounders, you can go to 15 pounders, and work your way up gradually.

For some women, it may be that a 3 pounder is a better way to start, especially when it comes to the upper body exercises. Then graduate to the 5 pounder and then the 8 pounder. As you increase your weights, your muscles will get stronger. Just do it gradual. Strength training is not only good for your joints and tendons and muscles, but it is also good for your heart. It helps you lose excess fat in your body, especially when you combine strength training with an aerobic exercise, such as swimming, brisk walking, bicycling and anything else that gets your heart moving.

Give your body the chance to move. This is what our bodies were meant to do. When we don’t move around, that’s when we end up having more pain from osteoarthritis. So move that body, and fight those pains. While you’re on your osteoarthritis diet, the osteoarthritis exercises will work as a team with your food intake.

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